Introduction to Canoeing

Ever wanted to paddle your own canoe? Ensure you make it up the creek with a paddle with our expert support.

This one (or two) day introduction will seek to build your confidence and show you how to manoeuvre the boat in our idyllic Lakeland environment.

You can try paddling double or solo.

Open Canoe Developers

For those with prior paddling experience who want to challenge themselves a little more.

This course will help build your confidence and skills and aid you to become independent in your boat.

Open Canoe weeks

If you’re interested in a self-sufficient, multi-day journey by canoe across lakes and/or rivers then these are the trips for you. These trips and expeditions have a range in technical difficulty; lake trips are less demanding and offer a peaceful way of traveling through the wilderness.

Adding rivers increases the level of difficulty but also offers more adventure which is what it is all about. Previous trips have been on the River Spey, River Tay, Loch Shiel, Loch Lomond and Loch Long.

Please call G2 Adventure to discuss this or any other provision, we’’ll be delighted to hear from you.

Bespoke open canoe coaching and guiding

Cannot find what you are looking for?

If you would like personalised coaching, guiding or specific requirements to get the most from your canoe then G2Adventure will be pleased to help you.

Price structure

£200 a day for up to 4 people. £250 for up to 6 people

Developer courses

£225 a day, for up to 4 people. £275 for up to 6 people


5 day trip £425 per person (minimum 4 people unless it is a private course)


Great instructor, Patient and informative teacher. Great at explaining things clerely and really helped me feel more ready for my ML assessment.
Alex Monnington, Mountain Leader refresher
Just spent the weekend doing an ML refresher training with Gareth. What an absolutely amazing experience! Learnt so much from Gareth. He is friendly, approachable and despite me struggling with contour interpretation and rope work he had a lot of patience and simplified his explanations in a way that was easy for me to digest. Gareth’s training really made a lot of things that I previously struggled with, suddenly click! Not only did I learn a lot, he taught in such a way that it was actually incredibly enjoyable, despite it being a training. Thank you again Gareth. Definitely one of the best instructors out there!
Seemed Asghar, Mountain Leader refresher
Me and my girlfriend had a chance to spend two days with Garreth in May 2018 in Snowdonia as part of a trad climbing course and it was an amazing experience. Garreth is a patient teacher as well as a very pleasant companion so we had a great time together. We were not entirely new to climbing but we learned a lot. Many thanks, Garreth, we can only recommend you.
Andrei Ada, Multipitch trad climbing course
Me and my friend had a two days trad climbing course with Gareth in Snowdonia. He was a very patient and knowledgable instructor. I felt safe at all times and the pace of learning / using new techniques was just right for us. Absolutely recommended! Thanks Gareth
Multipitch trad climbing course
An outstanding instructor who will ensure a fun learning experience in a safe environment.
Mark Pollitt, Climbing wall Award training

We had a great weekend with Gareth in Wales and feel confident with what we have learned during the course. Garreth was very responsive with route choices to suite our skill levels and the weather. He kept it interesting and challenging but at the same time nicely balanced. After the course he was happy to answer any questions and give advice on gear crags etching. 100% recommended!

Multipitch trad climbing course

I had a great day out at Symonds Yat with Garreth on a trad climbing course. I had no previous experience of climbing outdoors but by the end of the day I had completed my first lead climb! I was absolutely thrilled, I would definitely recommend Garreth as an instructor. He answered all of my questions and filled me with confidence to complete my first climb.

Learn to lead trad climbing course
Thanks to Garreth Stockton @G2Adventure for some super days out nav training. I wouldn’t have got this far if it weren’t for you, after my last course I was so low and when we went out the missing parts of the puzzle fitted. If I hadn’t have gone out with you I’m not sure my assessment outcome would have been as positive. I passed.
Melissa Bacon (@ MB Mountain Adventures), Mountain Leader refresher