Introduction to Navigation

Ideally suited for those people who want an introduction to outdoor navigation in lowland or moorland environments. We are happy to run these courses in a variety of locations including: Dartmoor, the Peak District, the Yorkshire Dales, the Lake District or anywhere closer to you that matches your requirements.

You are interested in this course because you would like to have more of a lead role in navigating yourself and others around our beautiful countryside. As well as taking an interest and curiosity in our landscape, flora and fauna you will be developing key map reading and navigation skills such as: orientation of the map, compass bearings, grid references and a number of dead reckoning strategies.

This course will equip you to take your 1:25,000 or 1:50000 map out in to the British countryside and see it from a totally different perspective. It’s a great set of skills to see the British countryside in its changing seasons.

You will need suitable walking boots, a full set of waterproofs, map, compass and watch. Don’t forget your phone or camera.

Ratio 1:8
2 Days £120

Advanced Navigation course

This is aimed at those people who have an interest in operating in remote locations often above 500m. You will be learning to navigate to the same standard as British Mountain Leaders. In such environments safety is of paramount importance. You must be able to look after yourself before you can take responsibility for a group. Sadly a large number of mountain rescue call outs are due to people getting this wrong.

You will be learning how to orientate your map, relocate your position, use dead reckoning methods such as pacing and timings, how to interpret contour lines and interpret the artists impression, that is your 2D map, and importantly what to do when things go wrong and how to to fix it.

Courses will run in locations like : Snowdonia, Lake District and Scotland.

Please bring a suitable rucksack (minimum 30 litres) for waterproofs, food and water plus any group kit we might be sharing.

Ratio 1:8
2 Days £120

Bespoke navigation courses

If you have an assessment approaching and want to go through your paces, or wish to do a refresher as you have not used your NGB for a while then get in touch.

This would also suit people who have a particular route in mind, or set of conditions such as night navigation. Equally it may be of interest to those who wish to develop their us of a rope to support you and your party during the day on the hill.

Ratio 1:8
2 Days £120


Great instructor, Patient and informative teacher. Great at explaining things clerely and really helped me feel more ready for my ML assessment.
Alex Monnington, Mountain Leader refresher
Just spent the weekend doing an ML refresher training with Gareth. What an absolutely amazing experience! Learnt so much from Gareth. He is friendly, approachable and despite me struggling with contour interpretation and rope work he had a lot of patience and simplified his explanations in a way that was easy for me to digest. Gareth’s training really made a lot of things that I previously struggled with, suddenly click! Not only did I learn a lot, he taught in such a way that it was actually incredibly enjoyable, despite it being a training. Thank you again Gareth. Definitely one of the best instructors out there!
Seemed Asghar, Mountain Leader refresher
Thanks to Garreth Stockton @G2Adventure for some super days out nav training. I wouldn’t have got this far if it weren’t for you, after my last course I was so low and when we went out the missing parts of the puzzle fitted. If I hadn’t have gone out with you I’m not sure my assessment outcome would have been as positive. I passed.
Melissa Bacon (@ MB Mountain Adventures), Mountain Leader refresher