Guided days of climbing for beginners

Maybe you’ve seen Bear Grylls or you remember doing it at school and wish to re-discover those memories and build upon them. Maybe you’ve climbed at indoor walls, and still have that recurring thought ‘”what would it be like to climb on rock?’ This is a great fun course with lots of climbing and laughter – it’s all about raising confidence and getting you hooked! You never know you might be back for more adventure.

Multi pitch guiding

Max ratio 1:2

£160 for 2 days, based upon £80 per person per day.

Single pitch group days

Max ratio 1:8

£30 for 1 day, based upon £80 per person per day.

Learn to lead single pitch course

So you are already leading indoors and wish to take your climbing outside. This course will see you learning how to use the myriad of climbing equipment used to protect climbers. You will be placing gear and learning how to evaluate it, in addition you will be making decisions which help you to confidently climb above your gear – after all that’s how you get to the top. In addition you will be building belays and learning how to bring up your partner.

Max ratio 1:4 (Single Pitch)

£160 for 2 days, based upon £80 per person per day.

Learn to lead multi-pitch course

This is it, this is the course which will see you tread hallowed ground and become a multi pitch climber. This could include climbing in the stunning mountains of Snowdonia or the sea cliffs of Gogarth whatever the venue you are sure to have a memorable and enjoyable experience. You could be following in the footsteps of the greats like Colin Kirkus, Joe Brown, Menlove Edwards to name a few. You are already a climber and may be leading in the 5s or 6s indoors or even have led some single pitch trad routes. This is the course that’s going to open Pandora’s box of ideas.
You will undoubtedly be learning new vocabulary! Importantly you will be placing gear and learning how to evaluate it. You will be building belays and organsing your own belay stances efficiently for you, your ropes and your partner.This will undoubtedly open up a world of exciting new adventure.

Max ratio 1:2 (Multi-pitch)

£160 for 2 days, based upon £80 per person per day.

Sports Climbing – Indoor or Outdoor

Steve McClure once said he wouldn’t be the traditional climber he was if he had not spent the time developing his sports climbing. In my opinion it’s one of two sure fire ways to get good quickly – it’s just pure fitness, I absolutely love this stuff. This is where you learn to push your grade without fear, and distil climbing in to one of its purist forms. The course will cover: route selection, red-point and on-sight tactics, clipping strategies, resting, the use of clip sticks and some useful feedback on movement.

Max ratio 1:2

£160 for 2 days, based upon £80 per person per day.

Grade buster course

This course is all about performance. If you have hit a plateau? or revere grades a little too much? This course is for you, it’s guaranteed to give you the plan and the practice, to get out there and do something about it.

This is suited to those climbers who may already be leading grade 3 scrambles and wish to try some real rock climbs, or climbers who have been climbing a while and are looking to break in to the HVS/E1 territory.

First and foremost this is about experience, training and your head and choosing the right routes. Firstly we want to see you leading close to your target grade and this will probably take place inside. During this period it’s time to look at your clipping technique, your movement and your willingness to fall. Then it’s about finding that route and getting ready to take it in. There will be a mixture of your own preparation and coaching to prepare you for that next test.

Max ratio 1:2

£160 for 2 days, based upon £80 per person per day.

Improvised rescue course

This course is probably the best money you will ever spend. It may be sheer luck that somehow you and your climbing partner have not got stuck, injured or worse, require evacuating from a multi-pitch environment. This course will provide you with the tool kit of systems you need to help your partner. You will be going up and down ropes,escaping systems and conducting hoists. The amazing thing is one can do of this with very little equipment: 3 prussic loops, a couple of slings and some screw gates. Whether you are an existing multi-pitch climber or an MIA trainee getting ready for assessment, then this course is great value.

Max ratio 1:2

£160 for 2 days, based upon £80 per person per day.


Me and my girlfriend had a chance to spend two days with Garreth in May 2018 in Snowdonia as part of a trad climbing course and it was an amazing experience. Garreth is a patient teacher as well as a very pleasant companion so we had a great time together. We were not entirely new to climbing but we learned a lot. Many thanks, Garreth, we can only recommend you.
Andrei Ada, Multipitch trad climbing course
Me and my friend had a two days trad climbing course with Gareth in Snowdonia. He was a very patient and knowledgable instructor. I felt safe at all times and the pace of learning / using new techniques was just right for us. Absolutely recommended! Thanks Gareth
Multipitch trad climbing course
An outstanding instructor who will ensure a fun learning experience in a safe environment.
Mark Pollitt, Climbing wall Award training

We had a great weekend with Gareth in Wales and feel confident with what we have learned during the course. Garreth was very responsive with route choices to suite our skill levels and the weather. He kept it interesting and challenging but at the same time nicely balanced. After the course he was happy to answer any questions and give advice on gear crags etching. 100% recommended!

Multipitch trad climbing course

I had a great day out at Symonds Yat with Garreth on a trad climbing course. I had no previous experience of climbing outdoors but by the end of the day I had completed my first lead climb! I was absolutely thrilled, I would definitely recommend Garreth as an instructor. He answered all of my questions and filled me with confidence to complete my first climb.

Learn to lead trad climbing course